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Refractive SX Pre and Post Operative Patient Intructions

1. Do not wear any makeup the day of your procedure.
2. Do not wear any perfume or cologne.
3. Wear comfortable, warm clothes, (nothing fuzzy).
4. You may eat the day of your procedure.
5. Allow 1-2 hours for your procedure.
6. You must bring someone to drive you home.
7. Come prepared to make payment for your procedure in full, or have financing already complete.
8. Being nervous is OK!! It is very normal to have some anxiety, and we will do everything to ensure you have a positive experience.
9. We will offer you valium to relax you, it is not required for you to take it.
10. We will provide you with all the drops and medication you need. You will not need to fill any prescriptions.

1. You will be sent home with glasses on, remember not to rub your eyes.
2. We will give you an additional valium to take home with you.
3. We suggest you go home and take a 2 hour nap.
4. When you wake up you may begin using your drops as described below, being careful not to touch the eye with the dropper of the bottle.
5. Do not shower that evening, you may shower the next morning.
6. Do not be troubled if you vision is still a little blurry, that is common.
7. You may drive yourself to your post-op appointment.
8. We will check your vision and answer any questions you may have.

1. To use your medicated gHs four times a day for a week, or until they run out. WE will provide these for you.
2. Use frequent artificial tears for a week, even if the eyes do not feel dry. We will provide these for you.
3. Sleep in your goggles for one week.
4. Do not rub the eyes or apply makeup for one week.
5. Do not miss any of your follow-up visits.
6. Do not go swimming for at least one week, this includes hot tubs, saunas.
7. If you play a sport, we suggest you wear eye protection for safety.
8. Call us immediately if you have sudden sharp pain, or sudden decrease in vision.

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